Walking Dinosaur Costume Features

Once pushed on super realistic texture light animatronic dinosaur costume is popular all over the world.

Compared with the previous old silicone costume, the new kind weight is only half the weight of the old (about 20 kilograms),

old costume operator will sweat after every 10 minutes performance,

while the new costume is comfortable still even after 30 minutes performance.

This is due to the use of new materials on the skin of the dinosaur leather, which can not only reflect the uneven grain effect, but also light weight, uneasy to tear.

These dinosaur are mainly applicable to: shopping mall promotion, real estate opening to, scenic area entrance performance, stage performance;

Since the operator can move with people after wearing it, this product has absolute advantages in interactivity compared with the traditional animatronic dinosaur.

Children and adults get close to the dinosaur.

The operator can interact with them physically, which greatly increases the stickiness of tourists and improves the experience.