About Walking Dinosaur Costume

  • The walking dinosaur costume ideas origins from BBC stage show ”Walking With Dinosaur”.
  • It may be hard to come to the effect as we expect by putting giant dinosaur models into stage and perform as drama, run, fight, and attack on just by just mechanical structure and software,
  • Then our engineer considered to do a dinosaur costume by human control, this human controlled model feathers realistic appearance.
  • Easy-controlled operation and fully human control, instantly endowed the soul to dinosaur on the stage, a vivid dinosaur ancient earth king was vividly presented on stage.
  • It is much loved by audience, the stage shows were well received, dinosaur costume was born from that time.

You must see the walking dinosaur costume in some dinosaur parks, stage shows and festival holidays, even you can see a realistic dinosaur costume walking on the street and shopping mall,

It is so realistic that you think the dinosaur costume is just for real, let me take an example, all the costumes in the Halloween are artificial and realistic,

And many people will think of different and new designs on the realistic dinosaur costume,

Then embark on making the dinosaur costumes, for example, the realistic dinosaur costumes, which now is one kind of popular dinosaur costumes, the foreigners will purchase and import the realistic dinosaur costumes from China, then can make everyone else astonished.

The Halloween day is the tradition festival in each year on 1st November in Western countries, on October 31th, namely the Halloween Eve, people will put on a mask master in accordance with custom, wearing strange dinosaur clothes which look like dressed as ghosts.

Everyone will be tempted, and then collectively organize a Halloween party.

Party in the night will be even more memorable.

On the magnificent stage, some students wear the animatronic dinosaur costumes, walking with the Halloween costumes, followed by other people.

Look! They wear mask dress, dressed as vampires and ghosts, painted in a variety of paintings on the face.

The realistic dinosaur costumes are all painted white oil pigment, plus some red paint, then disheveled, almost like a female vampire..

What Is Walking Dinosaur Costume?

1. Realistic Dinosaur costumes, designed about 4m in length, 1.8 to 2.2m in height, in weight of about 23 to 25kg, commonly adopted in stage performances, TV show, theme park activities and commercially promotional activities, is one kind of a wearable simulation dinosaur models;  
2. Our technicians specially make the head, mouth, neck, tail, body, legs,can imitate the dinosaur joint movable effects.  
3. When the mouth opens, the dinosaurs will be synchronized with a huge roaring sound, the vivid dinosaur costumes are fruited when accompanied by the performer’s coordination, both the kids and adults marvel at the realistic dinosaurs.  
4. If used for stage performances or TV shooting, it is able to be exciting and fascinating by giving these dinosaurs in some specific backgrounds.  
5. Dinosaur costumes are generally divided into two designs of visible legs and hidden legs.  
6. Dinosaur costumes are generally divided into two designs of visible legs and hidden legs.  
7. In general, the dinosaur costumes with visible legs are much simple to wear and operate, but the technology for both designs is same, you can choose according to your needs.  

Hot Sale

The realistic walking dinosaur costume is becoming a hot sale marketing attraction and a novel cash cow!