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Adult inside operate walking with dinosaurs


Adult inside operate walking with dinosaurs


As we can watch the dinosaurs from Hollywood film, and Prehistoric park is a safe & piece park, those savage Velociraptors & Dilophosaurus can be our dangerest! Runs by cyborg Velociraptors & Dilophosaurus! On the other hand, in the movie of Jurassic park, the old Tyrannosaurus-rex is dangerest & wants to eat you.



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Even sometimes you can see that the adults are walking with dinosaurs, those dinosaurs are animatronics, they are highly simulated and emulated, the dinosaurs can roar being synchronized with sounds,and the adults can walk with the dinosaurs by vivid movements and realistic skins and stripes, the operators can control the movmements, and do what they want to do, in this way, the walking dinosaur seemly can walk and run back and forth; sometimes, you can see someone is walking with dinosaurs on the street or shopping mall, then stop in the front of someone, like kids, afterwards, the dinosaurs will interact with the kids, at first the kids will be scared and run away, but sooner or later, the kids will like them by surrounding them, and take photos with the dinosaurs.


That's all of the dinosaur's puppet suit & animationcis act like dinosaurs, can make people feel like they are been in the prehistoric park or Jurassic park, not only kids like this kind of topic, but also the adults like it, because no one has seen the dinosaurs, much less see any dinosaur can walk and roar; so nowadays, more and more foreigners are importing dinosaur suits or dinosaur costumes, namely those walking with dinosaurs, those dinosaurs are been used for performances on stage show, events, festivals and even films, to add the mystery and attract much more visitors from all over the world.


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