Dinosaur Electric Cars’ Features and Prices

In shopping malls, you often see dinosaur electric car products that have a huge attraction for children. Did you know that these products also belong to a type of animatronic dinosaur?

These products are customized according to customer requirements, combining technology with the appearance of dinosaurs. The unique design of mall dinosaur electric cars ensures high safety and helps children develop full-body coordination. They are popular among parents and children, bringing a significant amount of foot traffic to the mall.

Features of Dinosaur Electric Cars:

  1. Soft skin, internally welded steel frame structure, made with sponge and silicone for the outer appearance and skin, providing a soft touch and child-friendly experience.
  2. Customizable appearance, hand-carved without the need for mold making, allowing the design of the outer appearance to be tailored to customer preferences.
  3. Powerful motor with two large-capacity (20Ah) batteries powering a 350W brushless motor, providing strong power, even on slopes.
  4. Low failure rate, using independently developed controllers and wiring structures, tested in the market for over 10 years, resulting in a very low failure rate. Even if an issue arises, it can be easily identified.
  5. Low cost and quick returns, with a purchase cost of around $600-650 USD per dinosaur electric car (depending on size and movement requirements). With just a few units, you can start operating at a low initial cost.

Performance Parameters of Dinosaur Electric Cars:

  1. Length: 1.8-2 meters, height varies depending on the style, usually between 1-1.4 meters.
  2. Internally welded steel frame, with outer appearance and skin made of high-density sponge and silicone.
  3. Uses a 350W brushless motor with a long service life and strong power
  4. Powered by two large-capacity (20Ah) batteries, providing strong endurance, capable of running continuously for over 6 hours on a full charge.
  5. The control panel allows for setting running speed, single running time, coin quantity, music switching, and statistics of operational data.
  6. Over 200 styles of dinosaurs and animals to choose from, or you can customize the appearance according to your design.
  7. Rubber wheels or PU material wheels have good wear resistance, with minimal wear during long-term use.
  8. Overall weight capacity exceeds 150 kg, allowing an adult to carry a child without any pressure.
  9. Comes with electronic brakes, LED lighting effects in the eyes and front legs, and the option to move forward by stepping on the foot or rotating the throttle handle with the right hand.
  10. Silicone skin has waterproof functionality, suitable for long-term outdoor use.

The size and weight capacity of dinosaur electric cars can be customized according to customer requirements. While they resemble ordinary animatronic dinosaur models in appearance, they offer additional features such as riding, background music, QR code management, and can be customized for mouth movement, tail wagging, head shaking, and timed billing. In recent years, they have become effective marketing tools in squares, amusement parks, parks, shopping malls, and other places.

Regarding the price of dinosaur electric cars

The cost for conventional styles is typically around $600 USD. Adding movements such as head shaking, mouth opening, and tail wagging increases the cost by around $70 USD per movement. Additionally, if you add overall lighting effects and decorations, the cost may slightly increase. The cost for approximately 4 conventional dinosaur electric cars is about $2400 USD, while for 10 units, it’s approximately $5800 USD.

The custom price of dinosaur electric cars is influenced by various factors. The choice of materials has a significant impact on the price. The core materials of dinosaur electric cars include steel frame, sponge, and silicone skin. Different materials result in different custom prices. For example, using stainless steel for the frame can effectively extend the service life of the dinosaur model. High-density artificial sponge is generally used for sponge material, providing the dinosaur electric car with a more muscular appearance and a longer lifespan. Finally, silicone rubber is used for the outer skin due to its strong stretchability and resistance to cracking.

The custom price of dinosaur electric cars is also affected by size and quantity. Making a cute and clever dinosaur electric car is influenced by labor and material costs. When produced in large quantities, the cost is relatively lower. Therefore, customers can decide on the number of units based on the size of the venue.

Lastly, regarding design requirements, if additional features such as smoke emission, lighting, extra startup methods, or more complex movements are required, it will take more time and effort to design and produce, resulting in a relatively higher price. Therefore, the specific price depends on detailed requirements.