What Is Ride on Dino

Ride on dino is a recreational facility with the appearance of a dinosaur, designed for people to ride on. Its manufacturing process is similar to that of animatronic dinosaurs, featuring a sturdy steel frame structure, high-density sponge filling, and a surface covered with soft and elastic silicone gel, aiming to provide a comfortable riding experience for visitors.

Combining the features of animatronic dinosaur models and rocking cars, the ride on dino is equipped with seats with handles on the back of the dinosaur. The seat height is generally between 1.4 meters and 1.8 meters above the ground, and visitors can easily climb aboard using the adjacent fiberglass stairs. Once activated by a remote control or coin, it will simulate the authentic movements of a dinosaur, including roaring, head turning, and rocking back and forth.

Ride on dinos come in various designs, such as carnivorous dinosaurs, herbivorous dinosaurs, or even models resembling other animals. They typically have a height ranging from 1.5 meters to 2 meters and a length of 3 meters to 4 meters. Here are ten popular dinosaur designs.

Ride on Dino

1.Ride on T-Rex

A powerful carnivorous dinosaur image, displaying a majestic demeanor, capturing the attention of children.

2.Ride on Velociraptor

The agile and agile image of Velociraptor reenacts vivid scenes from movies.

3.Ride on Dilophosaurus

Dilophosaurus with its unique head crest.

4.Ride on Eotyrannus

Showcasing the fierce and imposing image of Eotyrannus.

5.Ride on Carnotaurus

Compact yet robust, Carnotaurus with two short horns on its head.

6.Ride on Brachiosaurus

The tall Brachiosaurus, with its long neck and gentle demeanor, attracts children.

7.Ride on Triceratops

Triceratops with its indestructible horned head shield and strong physique.

8.Ride on Styracosaurus

Styracosaurus with its ordered back plates and tail spikes, making it unique.

9.Ride on Amargasaurus

Notable for the unique neural spines forming wings on its sides.

10.Armored Dino

When dinosaurs put on armor, they transform into futuristic mech warriors, presenting a distinct image.

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