Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Spinosaurus – Who Will Win?

If you’ve watched “Jurassic Park 3,” you’re probably still shocked by the Spinosaurus defeating the Tyrannosaurus rex, wondering how my powerful T-Rex lost? But the movie is just a movie, not to be taken seriously. Who is stronger between Tyrannosaurus rex and Spinosaurus? Preconceived notions would make most people think Tyrannosaurus rex is definitely more formidable, but Spinosaurus is also an absolute dominator!

Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Spinosaurus

Tyrannosaurus rex vs Spinosaurus, who is more powerful

After all, Spinosaurus is the protagonist dinosaur in “Jurassic 3” and has the protagonist’s halo, so it won’t be like this in a real fight.

According to research, Spinosaurus is larger in size than Tyrannosaurus rex, but Spinosaurus is a piscivorous amphibious dinosaur. Whether it can defeat Tyrannosaurus rex on land is really hard to say. If we really want to talk about who is more powerful, I still support Tyrannosaurus rex in my heart. After all, these two have never really fought, and the reputation of Tyrannosaurus rex is more well-known. Preconceived notions play a role. Below, I will compare the strengths of Tyrannosaurus rex vs. Spinosaurus.

(Note: We are a manufacturer of dinosaur models and also dinosaur enthusiasts, so this comparison is subjective, and the content of the article does not represent authority.)

Tyrannosaurus rex vs Spinosaurus, strength showdown

Comparison of Size and Weight

  • Tyrannosaurus rex has a body length of about 11.5-14.7 meters. The average hip height is about 4 meters, and the highest hip height can reach around 5.2 meters, with a maximum head height of nearly 6 meters. The average weight is about 9 tons (ecologically averaging about 7.6 tons), and the heaviest is 14.85 tons.
  • Spinosaurus has a body length of 12-19 meters, hip height from 270 to 480 cm, and weighs 4-18 tons, Spinosaurus has longer front limbs and sharper claws.

Taking the maximum, 14.7 meters vs. 19 meters, 14.85 tons vs. 18 tons, but in reality, the sail-like structure on the back of Spinosaurus accounts for a significant portion of its weight, and the center of gravity is higher. so tyrannosaurus rex’s body structure has more advantages in collision.

Tyrannosaurus rex fights Spinosaurus

Forelimbs (Claw Strikes)

Spinosaurus’ claws may cause fatal injuries to Tyrannosaurus rex, but killing Tyrannosaurus rex with claws is not practical. Tyrannosaurus rex’s forelimbs are disabled, and its attacks are mainly based on collision and biting. Spinosaurus’ head is very long, and in a face-to-face confrontation, it is impossible to lift its body and wait for an attack with its claws. In a direct confrontation, the two dinosaurs will not fight like lions or tigers.

Unless Spinosaurus can slap Tyrannosaurus rex away with one paw, otherwise, saying that Tyrannosaurus rex can’t bite is simply nonsense. Spinosaurus is not a bear, and dreaming of slapping anything away is unrealistic. Its forelimbs cannot swing like a bear, only limited movement within a certain angle. Spinosaurus’ slapping can only target dinosaurs taller than itself, and slapping Tyrannosaurus rex is unrealistic. The two dinosaurs cannot claw each other unless they wrestle first, and the claws have almost no chance to strike. They can only scratch each other.

Bite Force

In terms of bite force, the maximum Tyrannosaurus rex has a terminal bite force of 19 tons, while Spinosaurus has a strike bite force of 9.4 tons. However, the terminal bite force is almost ineffective in combat, and Tyrannosaurus rex can only exert a bite force of 13.5 tons at the front end. In addition, having a large bite force does not determine everything. A bite force of 100 million tons is useless if it can’t bite the opponent. In battle, who can bite the opponent’s vital point is the most decisive.

Combat Experience

In the same period of Tyrannosaurus rex in North America, there was no carnivorous dinosaur that could match it. Tyrannosaurus rex did not have the experience of fighting against giant carnivorous dinosaurs, showing that in terms of killing experience and combat experience, Tyrannosaurus rex may not be able to compete with powerful carnivorous animals.

Tyrannosaurus rex vs Spinosaurus, who is more powerful

In North Africa, where Spinosaurus lived at the same time, there were many giant carnivorous dinosaurs, such as the 8-ton Carcharodontosaurus saharicus, the 7-ton Carcharodontosaurus iguidensis, the 13-ton Moroccan spinosaurus, the 6-ton Suchomimus tenerensis, and the 7-ton Cristatusaurus, the 4-ton Deltadromeus agilis, the 6-ton Bahariasaurus, the 7-ton Sauroniops, and many others. These guys are all about the same size or slightly smaller than Tyrannosaurus rex, and each of them is a very formidable opponent. None of them is a good character, and Spinosaurus, if it wants to occupy a place in North Africa, must often face fierce competition and intense challenges.

Tug of War

In terms of body shape, Tyrannosaurus rex is more robust, with strong hind limbs and a robust head. Spinosaurus is long and large, and in the case of collision, Spinosaurus is actually at a disadvantage. Tyrannosaurus rex is more suitable for collision, with a body structure and center of gravity more suitable for collision. If the two dinosaurs collide and stalemate, the larger Spinosaurus may rely on its forelimbs to press Tyrannosaurus rex down first and then kill it.

In biting each other, Spinosaurus is bound to die without a doubt. Similarly biting the neck, the one who dies first will definitely be Spinosaurus. The robust head of Tyrannosaurus rex is more resistant to biting than the slender head of Spinosaurus, and the bite force of Tyrannosaurus rex is much greater than that of Spinosaurus. In other words, if Spinosaurus can withstand Tyrannosaurus rex in a collision and entangle with it, it is very likely to use the advantage of its forelimbs to inflict damage on Tyrannosaurus rex first, pressing it down and then killing it.

Therefore, the battle between Tyrannosaurus rex vs Spinosaurus is almost a 50-50 chance. Tyrannosaurus rex is more ferocious, more adept in battle, but Spinosaurus has enough experience. However, it is an amphibious dinosaur, and who wins and who loses is really hard to say.