Realistic T-rex Costume Ordered by a UK Customer

Today, I am sharing one of the previous realistic t rex costumes, which was created in collaboration with a friend from the UK about half a year ago. The client had been in contact with me for a long time before placing the order.

I remember it took approximately a year of negotiations, and our discussions were suspended many times (possibly because he had just finished planning an event and needed the dinosaur costume at that time). Finally, when the client returned from his annual vacation, we reached agreements to complete the order, and I agreed to offer him a much more favorable price.

As usual, the realistic t rex costumes took about 10 days to finish manufacturing. I then began to contact the client and shared the finished photos. However, the client replied to me after several days. Consequently, my company decided to test and modify the dinosaur costume during those days.

Realistic T-rex Costume

Fortunately, the uncovered legs dinosaur achieved great success and became an example for later dinosaur costumes. As days passed by, I arranged transportation to London, UK, after receiving full payment for the realistic T-rex costume.

uk T-rex Costume

It is all handmade from the beginning to the end, so good quality requires high standards for each phase of craftsmanship. Even the clients who ordered and own the dinosaur costumes have to train the operator or controller many times so that the operator can make the performance as realistic as possible.

t-rex suit

Now my company has assigned a special performer to be in charge of the performance, and no one else can make it as real. Just think that you are one of the parts of the realistic dinosaur costumes.