How to Choose Animatronic Dinosaurs for A 500-Square-Meter Exhibition

When you’re planning a dinosaur exhibition that immerses visitors in the era of dinosaurs, and you’re not sure how to choose animatronic dinosaurs, you can make decisions by following these suggestions.

dino exhibition

6 Tips for Choosing Dinosaurs

1.Attractiveness and Popularity

Choosing well-known and captivating dinosaurs, like T. rex, Spinosaurus, Velociraptor, and Triceratops, can significantly boost the exhibit’s appeal. These dino superstars have a knack for grabbing visitors’ attention and drawing in the crowds.

2.Diverse Display

Make sure to showcase a wide variety of dinosaurs, from carnivores to herbivores, covering different sizes and features. This way, visitors get a well-rounded glimpse into the diverse world of dinosaurs.

3.Educational Value

Opt for dinosaur models that carry educational significance. Showcase the characteristics, behaviors, and habitats of each dinosaur, allowing the audience to gain knowledge while enjoying the exhibit.

4.Exhibition Space Size

The chosen dinosaur models should fit the layout of the exhibition space. They need to be just the right size—enough to fill up the entire exhibit area without making it feel overcrowded.

5.Interactive Experience

Amp up the fun with interactive elements—think rideable dinosaurs or dino carts that let the little ones get in on the action.

6.Theme Harmony

If there’s a specific exhibition theme, make sure the chosen dinosaurs align with it. Keep the entire exhibit consistent and maintain a coherent storyline.

Suggested Arrangement

Taking a 500-square-meter indoor space with a height of 7 meters as an example, here are the suggested configurations.

1.Choosing tall or formidable dinosaurs as the main highlights:

how to pick dino - Spinosaurus

A Spinosaurus standing approximately 4-5 meters tall

A Tyrannosaurus rex standing approximately 3-4 meters tall

A Brachiosaurus standing approximately 5-6 meters tall

2.Other dinosaurs:

  • 2-3 Triceratops standing approximately 2-3 meters tall
  • 2 Stegosaurus standing approximately 2-3 meters tall
  • 3-4 Velociraptors standing approximately 1-2 meters tall
  • 3-4 herbivorous dinosaurs standing approximately 2-3 meters tall

Spread out those dino models strategically in the exhibit, creating a visually stunning panorama. Throw in some clear signs and info boards to help folks get the lowdown on each dino. And, of course, make sure there’s enough room to stroll around, so everyone can check out those dino goodies hassle-free and really soak in the experience.

If you’ve still got questions on how to pick dinosaurs, feel free to contact us.