Dinosaur Playground Equipment Animatronic Rides for Sale




Fun and exciting dinosaur playground equipment – Velociraptor style.


Length: 4m, Height: 1.6m, The height of the dinosaur's back off the ground can be customized according to your venue requirements, and it comes with a wooden staircase by default.


Head turns left and right, neck moves up and down, body sways, eyes blink, mouth roars, claws wave, and tail swings.

Startup methods

Coin-operated, remote control, button press, or scanning QR code.

Power specifications

Universal for 110V and 220V global voltage, maximum power 600 watts, compatible with power plugs worldwide.

Ride-on dinosaurs are like the shining stars among dinosaur playground equipment. They guarantee popularity in the venue, once they start running, there’s no stopping the excitement, and kids line up eagerly to play. Don’t worry about default sizes or designs; we can customize the product to suit your specific venue requirements.