Kid’s Dilophosaurus Rides Fun Riding Dinosaur




Fun Riding Dinosaur – Dilophosaurus


Length: 4m, Height: 1.6m, The height of the dinosaur's back off the ground can be customized according to your venue requirements, and it comes with a wooden staircase by default.

Startup methods

Coin-operated, remote control, button press, or scanning QR code.


Head turns left and right, neck moves up and down, body sways, eyes blink, mouth roars, claws wave, and tail swings.

Suitable occasions

Children's playgrounds, Amusement park, Dinosaur theme parks, Family gatherings, Shopping malls.

Fun Riding Dinosaurs are very popular amusement equipment among children. They can enjoy the ride by purchasing game tokens (e.g., $5 per ride, allowing 5 minutes of playtime). Once the coins are inserted to start, the dinosaur will operate for 5 minutes and then stop. To continue the ride, additional game tokens need to be inserted for the next activation.