Customized Interactive Animatronic Dilophosaurus Ride




Exciting and Fun Children's Ride-on Dinosaurs – Dilophosaurus Ride


Length: 4m, Height: 1.6m, The size of the ride-on dinosaurs is adjustable, and considering that even adults enjoy playing, a length of 4 to 6 meters would be perfect.


Head turns left and right, neck moves up and down, body sways, eyes blink, mouth roars, claws wave, and tail swings.

Startup methods

Coin-operated, remote control, button press, or scanning QR code.

Set up

You can adjust various settings, including the duration of each ride, the number of coins required for activation, the dinosaur's sound effects, and the running speed.

Among numerous children’s amusement parks, Dilophosaurus Ride is also one of the most popular choices. Its body is made of soft silicone material, capable of simulating realistic dinosaur movements and emitting roaring sounds, making it a highly entertaining and fun-filled amusement device.

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