Riding a Raptor Dinosaur for Amusement Park




Raptor Style Riding Dinosaur for Kids


Length: 4m, Height: 1.6m, The height refers to the distance between the dinosaur's back and the ground, and it is not fixed. It can be adjusted according to your specific requirements.

Startup methods

Coin-operated, remote control, button press, or scanning QR code.


Head turns left and right, neck moves up and down, body sways, eyes blink, mouth roars, claws wave, and tail swings.


The riding dinosaur is built with a steel frame welded skeleton and equipped with DC motors. The outer shape is meticulously carved using high-density foam, while the dinosaur skin is made from silicone. The overall texture is soft to the touch, and it can realistically simulate the movements of a dinosaur.

In movies, the Raptor is often portrayed as fierce and cunning, but it also has a gentle and obedient side. In “Jurassic World,” it teams up with the T-rex to defeat the D-rex. Among the ride-on dinosaur styles, the Raptor rides can undoubtedly be considered one of the most popular choices.

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