Animatronic Triceratops Ride On Dinosaur for Sale




Animatronic Triceratops Ride for Kids


Length: 4m, Height: 1.6m, Any size can be customized.


Head turns left and right, neck moves up and down, body sways, eyes blink, mouth roars, and tail swings.

Startup methods

Coin-operated, remote control, button press, or scanning QR code.

Power specifications

Universal for 110V and 220V global voltage, maximum power 600 watts, compatible with power plugs worldwide.

Suitable age range

3 years old to adults, but children aged 3 to 6 may need adults to hold them while riding.

The Triceratops has a gentle and non-aggressive temperament, making it suitable for young children who may not feel scared. The Animatronic Triceratops Ride, being a quadrupedal dinosaur, has smaller movements compared to two-legged dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus rex. This allows us to create slightly larger sizes, which can be more appealing to young kids.

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