Amusement Equipment Animatronic Dinosaur Band for Sale




Fun and Entertaining Dinosaur Band


Three Independent Dinosaurs, each standing at a height of 1.8 meters. The total length is 2.5 meters, and the total width is 1.5 meters.


Nodding, plucking the strings with claws, drumming with claws, swaying the body, and opening and closing the mouth.

Customizable instruments

Flute, saxophone, trumpet, violin, electric guitar, and more.

Customized music

Background music played from speakers next to the dinosaurs, allowing you to copy and play any music you like on the speakers.

Application scenarios

Music festivals, amusement parks, children's playgrounds, dinosaur theme parks, themed restaurants, and more.

In the scenic area, the Dinosaur Band can offer visitors a unique tourism experience. While enjoying the dinosaur performances, tourists can also listen to dynamic music, enhancing the fun and interactivity of their visit. In parks and shopping malls, the Dinosaur Band’s performances can also attract more people to stop and appreciate, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

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