Lifelike Animatronic Flying Tiger Model for Sale




Lifelike Animatronic Flying Tiger Model


Length: 10 meters, Height: 9 meters (including wings and base), Wingspan: 7 meters.


Open mouth roaring, flapping wings, shaking head, neck movement up and down, wagging tail, glowing eyes.

Customization options

Design and Pose, Color, Size, Movements, Lighting Effects.

This Animatronic Flying Tiger Model embodies a mythical creature from folklore. Not only does it boast a realistic and awe-inspiring appearance, but it also performs various movements. Ideal for placement in scenic areas, theme parks, or themed restaurants, this model brings the illustrated character from the story to life using steel and silicone materials. The combination of these materials presents a grand visual spectacle for visitors, making it a standout feature in your project and quickly capturing the attention of tourists.

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