Animatronic Gift Grandfather Tree for Amusement Park




Animatronic Gift Grandfather Tree for Park


The model stands at a towering height of 13 meters, with a maximum diameter of 7 meters.


Blinking eyes, rotating eyeballs, speaking with an open mouth, illuminated gift boxes on the head, and a glowing effect on the trunk.

Customization options

Tree Shape, Color, Gender, Size, Lighting and Sound Effects.

Applicable Scenes

Night Tourist Areas, Cultural and Tourist Pedestrian Streets, Amusement Parks, Large Shopping Malls.

The Gift Grandfather Tree features a sturdy internal framework constructed from steel, while its exterior takes shape through the carving of high-density foam. The skin is crafted from silicone material. When the mouth opens, it plays recorded speech and can execute various movements. Inside the gift boxes atop the head, there are LED light beads that emit a radiant glow, creating a stunning visual effect especially during the night.

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