Customizing Movie Character Animatronic Avatar 3D Models




Animatronic Avatar 3D Models


Length: 5 meters, Wingspan: 4.5 meters, Height: 1.7 meters


Flapping Wings, Roaring with Mouth Open, Nodding Head, Wagging Tail, Blinking Eyes

Customization options

Actions, Dimensions, Colors, Pose Style, and Lighting Effects

Applicable Scenes

Film Festival Promotion, Various Children's Amusement Parks, Anime Exhibitions, Theme Parks, Mall Decorations

We can customize various dynamic characters, mounts, monsters, and more from the movie “Avatar” for you. We combine DC motors with silicone materials, allowing us to achieve not only lifelike appearances but also various movements. Our products are incredibly attractive, and we offer worldwide shipping for all items!

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