Animatronic Talking Tree for Amusement Park




Humanoid Animatronic Talking Tree Replica Model


Height 2.8 meters, Maximum Trunk Diameter 1.4 meters


Mouth Talking (Customizable Voice), Blinking, Eyebrow Movement, Branch Movemen

Customization options

Branch Design, Trunk Design, Dimensions (Height), Movements, Color

Applicable Scenes

Children's Playgrounds, Forest-themed Amusement Parks, Scenic Areas, Cultural and Tourism Night Walks

The height and diameter of the animatronic talking tree model can be customized according to your preferences, and the facial features can be sculpted based on customer-provided images, including celebrities or monster images. The speech content is also flexible, ranging from spoken words to musical segments. In addition to facial expressions and branch movements, the model can be customized with additional features such as smoke emission, water spray, and special lighting effects. Contact us for customization options.