Custom Cute Animatronic Monsters in Monster Hunt




Monster Models from Movies or Novels.


Customizable Length, Width, and Height to Meet Your Scene Requirements.


Talking or roaring with the mouth open, blinking eyes, waving arms, wagging tail, swaying body, and shaking head.

Main materials

Steel, DC motors, high-density foam, fiberglass fabric, silicone, and paint.

Customization Service:

You can send us your designed drawings, and our professional team will bring it to life according to your requirements, including appearance, dimensions, movements, materials, colors, sound effects, lighting effects, and more.

We specialize in creating various fictional or exaggerated versions of animals, characters, plants, and more. From towering tree monsters to humanized flowers and snow creatures, we can bring your imaginative ideas to life. Additionally, we offer the option to design original monster characters tailored to your specific commercial needs.


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