Why is Disassembly Required for Transportation of Large Dinosaurs?

In the realm of animatronic models, large dinosaurs are undoubtedly the showstoppers, with their towering heights and muscular limbs offering an unparalleled visual spectacle. However, the production, transportation, and installation of these behemoths present unique challenges.

Hurdles in Transportation

Usually, we use 20-foot and 40-foot container trucks for sea transportation of animatronic dinosaurs. Large dinosaurs, especially those over 10 meters, require segmented manufacturing from the start due to their substantial size. This is because these large dinosaur models cannot fit directly into container trucks.

While smaller animatronic dinosaurs can be shipped whole, following appropriate packaging, transporting larger ones proves to be more demanding.

Starting with the steel frame assembly, the body, head, tail, and limbs are welded piece by piece. The segments are connected using high-strength bolts and heavy-duty flanges, ensuring a sturdy build. Each part is manufactured individually, only to be assembled towards the end to check the final effect.

large dinosaurs

Why Disassemble Dinosaurs Over Ten Meters?

To answer the question of why these dinosaurs cannot be produced as a whole unit –

Firstly, due to their enormous size, with lengths reaching up to several dozen meters, regular light trucks are incapable of transporting these dinosaurs. For example, a disassembled arm dinosaur, excluding its neck, can span more than ten meters just with its body and tail. Hence, for manufacturing these large-scale models, a disassemblable design is adopted.

transportation of large dinosaurs

Secondly, the transport of large dinosaurs over ten meters in a truck would exceed road height restrictions, rendering transportation impossible.

For packaging these giants, we need to cut open the muscle layer, unscrew the joints, and lay the parts flat before wrapping them in bubble wrap.

For these reasons, we recommend customers to disassemble animatronic dinosaurs over 10 meters in length for transportation. Upon arrival at the destination, our professional technicians can perform onsite assembly. This approach can significantly reduce transportation costs and ensure the quality of installation.

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