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Realdinosaur: Renowned Animatronic Dinosaur Producers of China

The city of Zigong in Sichuan Province, home to the third-largest dinosaur museum in the world and the largest in Asia, is globally recognized for its dinosaur culture. As a result, it has seen a mature industry evolve around the production of animatronic dinosaur models over the past 20 years. Whether it’s reproductions of dinosaur fossils or lifelike animatronic dinosaurs, the saying “If you want to buy a dinosaur, go to Zigong” has become an accepted custom.

Animatronic Dinosaur Manufacturer

Realdinosaur, a professional animatronic dinosaur manufacturer, is rooted in this rich cultural environment of Zigong. Specializing in the research, design, and production of animatronic dinosaurs, we boast a portfolio of over 300 unique species. Ranging from 1 to 30 meters in length, these models are made to move.

At their most complex, these models can contain up to 13 separate motors, allowing the dinosaur to display a variety of movements such as opening its mouth, blinking, waving its forelimbs, shaking its tail, moving its body, mimicking breathing, and even spraying water or smoke. These intricate movements bring our animatronic dinosaurs to life in an impressively lifelike manner.

China Dinosaur Manufacturer

Delving into the Art of Animatronic Skin Production

Skin creation plays a pivotal role in the making of animatronic dinosaurs as it directly impacts the visual authenticity of the model. After years of refinement, we’ve mastered the art of combining elastic fiber cloth with high-quality silicone to create a dinosaur’s skin. This unique method gives the skin a realistic, tactile sensation and, when coupled with detailed paintwork, results in an incredibly lifelike appearance.

If you are interested in our animatronic dinosaur products or have further queries, feel free to contact Realdinosaur – a leading animatronic dinosaur manufacturer in China.

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