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RealDinosaur is professional manufacturer for life size animatronic dinosaur, as early as 10 years ago, our company's engineers and "Zigong Dinosaur Museum" experts had studied the proportion of real dinosaur fossils and shape characteristics, all of them participated in the rehabilitation of dinosaur fossils, so we have enough understanding of the real size dinosaurs(especially the Chinese dinosaurs, such as: Stegosaurus, Omeisaurus, Yangchuanosaurus, etc.), We will produce lifelike dinosaurs small to 1.5 meters and up to 30 meters.

life size animatronic dinosaur Production flow


RealDinosar annualyl exports to about 40 countries and regions, have provided hundreds of animatronic dinosaurs for dinosaur theme parks, playgrounds, museums and other places around the world, we can provide design renderings of the project for you, so you feel the shock effect of the project ahead of time, help you to estimate cost, even provide solutions.

Our big size dinosaur model - 23m long t-rex production flow:

life size animatronic t-rex flow



If you are interested in our life size animatronic dinosaur, please contact us for an accurate quotation.

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