Top 10 Most Popular Dinosaur Playground Equipment

Although dinosaurs have been extinct for hundreds of millions of years, many people remain curious about them. For numerous customers, there is an opportunity to organize diverse dinosaur exhibitions. Combining high-tech animatronic dinosaur models with traditional marketing methods, as well as featuring dynamic dinosaur models and static dinosaur fossil skeletons, becomes a visually captivating attraction. With the sounds of dinosaurs roaring in the dinosaur park and children screaming, visitors feel surrounded by the ancient Jurassic era and its mysterious dinosaurs.

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Dinosaur Playground Equipment

1. Animatronic Dinosaur

Large dynamic dinosaur models, recreated in proportion to real dinosaur fossils. Highly realistic in appearance, form, and movements. These models, often exceeding 20 meters in length, produce impressive roars and lifelike movements when activated.

2. Ride-on Dinosaur

Smaller than animatronic dinosaurs (2-5 meters), these dinosaurs exhibit head shaking, tail swaying, roaring, blinking, and swaying movements. Children can ride on these dinosaurs, turning them into joyful dinosaur riders.

3. Remote Control Walking Dinosaur

Animatronic dinosaurs equipped with remote controls for executing actions such as mouth opening, head shaking, tail swaying, forward and backward movement, and turning. Ideal for dramatic dinosaur performances on playgrounds.

4. Dinosaur Electric Car

Sized at approximately 1.8-2 meters, these electric cars are simple, cute, and designed for children. Upon inserting a coin and pressing the foot switch, children can enjoy a lively ride with dynamic background music, powered by a 350-watt motor.

5. Realistic Dinosaur Costume

Worn by performers, these costumes allow for interactive play. Approximately 4.2 meters in length, lightweight, and operated internally to make the dinosaur blink, roar, run, jump, and wag its tail. Great for engaging with children, creating a fun and immersive experience.

6. Dinosaur Hand Puppet

Modeled after dinosaur offspring, these puppets are hollow with a steel structure. Controlled by an operator inserting their arm, simple movements like blinking and mouth opening can be achieved, making it suitable for interactive play with children.

7. Dinosaur Slide

Typically static and made of fiberglass and resin composite materials. Shaped like the head of a T-Rex or other dinosaurs, children climb to a height and slide down from the dinosaur’s mouth.

8. Dinosaur Egg Shell for Photography

Hollow fiberglass and resin composite material. Children can enter the eggshell from behind, poking their heads out from the front opening, providing a delightful photo opportunity.

9. Dinosaur Band

Human-like dinosaur models featuring three dinosaurs standing upright. When powered, they can nod, open their mouths, and play instruments like guitars and drums. Accompanied by background rock music, creating a concert-like atmosphere.

10. Fiberglass Dinosaur Model

Static display models made of fiberglass and resin. These models, available in various sizes, do not require power and can be used outdoors for an extended period. Cost-effective and lifelike, they are essential exhibits for dinosaur-themed parks.

Our dinosaur playground equipment products are CE, ISO9001 certified, constructed with high-quality steel and artificial sponges. The skin is made of premium silicone, offering waterproof, sun-proof, and tear-resistant properties—ideal for outdoor exhibitions at dinosaur playgrounds. We can assist customers with pre-designing theme parks, including the selection of dinosaur types, dinosaur models, and the design of electrical lines. Drawing from over 10 years of experience in animatronic dinosaur production, installation, operation, and maintenance, we aim to reduce project costs and enhance efficiency, ultimately saving time and expenses for our customers.

In our past customer cases, clients often choose not only animatronic dinosaurs for their playground equipment but also dinosaur costumes for stage performances. Having two or three dinosaur costume performers interact with children at the dinosaur park entrance, occasionally roaring and frightening them, leads to delightful screams from the children, deeply engaging visitors. Additionally, we produce replica dinosaur skeleton products that closely imitate the realistic shape of dinosaur fossils at a 1:1 scale. While providing entertainment, people can also gain some popular science education, learning amidst the enjoyment and experiencing this unparalleled and wonderful feeling.

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