3 Most Popular Types of Dinosaur Playground Equipment

Dinosaur rides are currently the most popular new equipment widely used in shopping malls, theme parks, and amusement parks. They can be roughly divided into three types:

1. Ride on Dinosaur for Kids:

An animatronic dinosaur ride is a type of swaying dinosaur activated by remote control, coin, or card swipe. It can perform various movements such as blinking eyes, opening and closing its mouth with sound effects, moving its head from left to right, moving its body up and down, and swaying its tail.

2. Walking Dinosaur Rides:

Walking dinosaur rides utilize mechanical power inside, with motors moving each leg. Through a control program, each motor moves at a constant and timed speed to simulate the walking motion of real dinosaurs. While this type of ride offers aesthetic advantages, it may not be ideal in terms of practicality and durability. The complexity of the mechanical transmission leads to higher failure rates, resulting in various minor issues during use.

3. Dinosaur Electric Car:

This type of ride features a practical and durable dinosaur toy equipped with a motor on one rear leg. With a customized control board, it can achieve forward and backward movement functions. Due to its simple internal structure, the failure rate is relatively low when used correctly. The most common variant seen in the market is the car model, characterized by a fast production cycle and a selling rate only one fourth of that of walking dinosaurs. This type of ride enables investors to recoup their costs in a short time and is highly popular among operators of children’s amusement parks.

In dinosaur-themed exhibitions worldwide, there are many interactive dinosaur playground equipment options, not just the three mentioned above. These dinosaur playground equipment options focus on interactivity, effectively increasing visitor engagement (resulting in longer stays in specific areas), attracting visitors to particular areas, creating a bustling atmosphere that enhances the experience for other visitors, and providing an excellent opportunity to generate additional revenue. If you would like to request a quote or learn more details about dinosaur playground equipment, please contact us.