Regarding the Cost Structure of Animatronic Dinosaurs

The main factors contributing to the price of a animatronic dinosaur product include:

  1. Production materials: such as steel, motors, control equipment, wiring, sponge, silicone, etc.
  2. Wages of production technicians, which vary based on the importance of the production steps. For instance, the wages of designers and carving technicians are relatively high.
  3. Depreciation of fixed assets and utility consumption: such as factory rent and taxes, water consumption, electricity bills, etc.
  4. Appropriate and reasonable profit margin: there is a small portion of profit margin added on top of the pure product cost, which is also reasonable.
  5. Various additional expenses: such as repeated modifications and adjustments during the production process to ensure customer satisfaction and product quality, which are also very reasonable.

The price of a product and its production cost are inseparable. The production of an animatronic dinosaur involves 10 processes, including effect design, material preparation, steel frame welding, installation of transmission structures, electrical wiring, art carving, ironing textures, skin production, painting, and finished product debugging.

Cost Structure of Animatronic Dinosaurs

Each process is indispensable. Although the technical content is not too high, ensuring stable quality and effects still requires experienced workers in each procedure.

Calculating the cost from the materials, including steel, sponge, silicone gel, motors, cables, electrical parts, various glues, etc., these materials may seem cheap, but in reality, the amount used is substantial, leading to fast consumption. From a material standpoint alone, the cost is relatively high.

Next is the labor cost. The most crucial steps in creating animatronic dinosaurs require manual work, such as steel framing, shape carving, texture ironing, silicone brushing, painting, all of which are typically completed by artisans with over 10 years of experience in each step. Therefore, salaries for these workers tend to be higher.

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As the saying goes, “slow work makes fine work.” To achieve the expected effects, each process needs meticulous craftsmanship, ample time, and labor wages account for a significant portion of the overall cost of animatronic dinosaurs.

In general, the main factors contributing to the price of animatronic dinosaurs are material and labor costs. Attention must be paid to material costs to ensure the stable operation and long service life of animatronic dinosaur products.

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To ensure a realistic appearance, labor costs must also be considered. A short production cycle or poor material quality will directly impact the final quality of animatronic dinosaurs.