Top 10 Best-Selling Animatronic Dinosaurs for Parks

The dinosaur park features not only various large-scale amusement rides but also animatronic dinosaur and fiberglass sculptures scattered throughout its corners. They vividly depict the form and movements of dinosaurs, constantly reminding visitors that they are in a dinosaur kingdom. Taking China’s Fangte Dinosaur Kingdom in Zigong, Sichuan Province as an example, let’s delve into the captivating animatronic dinosaur models and fiberglass sculptures within this park. Most of these dinosaur models are crafted using a technique involving sponge-filled silicone skin, with a few made from fiberglass material.

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1.The Sky Sovereign, the Pterosaur Wind God

As one steps into the park, the welcoming envoy of the park, the Pterosaur Wind God, captures the eye. Perched atop a mountain, it stands with raised forelimbs, appearing poised for flight, while also seemingly extending a warm welcome to those entering the kingdom of dinosaurs.

The Sky Sovereign, the Pterosaur Wind God

2.Dinosaurs on the Rooftop of Buildings

Following that, atop the modernized building, several eye-catching dinosaur sculptures are showcased. Two endearing cartoonish stegosaurs are seen strenuously climbing upwards. A commanding Giganotosaurus stands proudly on the rooftop, roaring. On another building, two Spinosaurus are vigilantly surveying the surroundings with keen alertness.

3.Armored dinosaurs

Armored dinosaurs are the result of the fusion between technology and dinosaur culture. They are adorned with futuristic mechanical armor, completely altering people’s traditional impressions of dinosaurs from ancient times.

4.Riding dinosaurs

For kids, riding dinosaurs is undeniably fascinating. They can hop atop these lifelike dinosaurs and explore the amusement park, while parents capture memorable photos of their children alongside these models.

Riding dinosaurs

5.Dinosaur Eggs

Several just-hatched cartoonish baby dinosaur models, still partially nestled within their eggshells, exposing only their heads and front claws, present an incredibly adorable appearance.

Dinosaur Eggs

6.Group of Dinosaurs by the Pond

In the water area, a herd of herbivorous dinosaurs such as the hadrosaurs and triceratops leisurely indulge in drinking and playful activities. Meanwhile, carnivorous dinosaurs like the Spinosaurus and Velociraptor lurk, quietly approaching, setting the stage for an imminent hunting spectacle.

7.Stegosaurus Slide

A large slide shaped like a Stegosaurus instantly sparks children’s excitement. They climb the steps to reach the top of the approximately 4-meter-high hill, enter the slide through a cave-like entrance, experiencing a moment of mystery and tension in the initial dark passage, and finally slide out from the wide-open mouth of the Stegosaurus.

Stegosaurus Slide


Along the tour path, various carnivorous dinosaurs intermittently appear. On a small hill, an agile Velociraptor stares ahead, poised and ready to pounce at any moment.



A realistic Triceratops mother peacefully wanders through the forest with her young offspring. The mother Triceratops possesses a massive body, and the three distinct horns atop her head project a strong and powerful image.


10.Tyrannosaurus Rex

As the ruler of the dinosaur world, the Tyrannosaurus Rex stands tall within the forest, emitting a deafening roar. Its colossal jawbones, razor-sharp teeth, and robust, powerful limbs are depicted in vivid lifelike detail.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Dinosaur parks bring the ancient world of dinosaurs to life through a diverse array of realistic dinosaur models and interactive experiences.If you’re interested in the animatronic dinosuar models, please contact us for a quotation, or click on our product catalog to browse more options.