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We are Animatronic Dinosaur Manufacturers with 15 Years of Production Experience & specializing in the production of realistic animatronic dinosaur products. We specialize in manufacturing animatronic dinosaur models, decorative dinosaur-themed sculptures, interactive dinosaur rides, realistic dinosaur skeletons, and captivating Jurassic geographical landscapes.

Animatronic Dinosaur Manufacturers

Advantages of our animatronic dinosaurs:

  1. Animatronic dinosaur models with incredibly realistic appearances, providing audiences with a visually stunning experience.
  2. With the production of hundreds and thousands of dinosaur products, we have accumulated rich manufacturing experience and built a fast and efficient production team.
  3. We can customize dinosaur products based on customers’ thematic preferences, catering to both entertainment and educational purposes.

Display of our realistic dinosaur products:


Animatronic dinosaur models: Life-sized electric dinosaur models.

Fiberglass Dinosaur for Sale

Decorative dinosaur-themed sculptures: Fiberglass custom-made decorative exhibit models.

Lifelike riding dinosaur

Interactive dinosaur rides: Visitors can ride on the backs of dinosaurs for an exhilarating experience.

Dinosaur Skeletons

Realistic dinosaur skeletons: Fiberglass custom-made 1:1 scale dinosaur fossil models.

Note: We can also customize various other types of animatronic dinosaur products. Feel free to explore more exciting items under the “Dinosaur Products” section.

Customers with a need for realistic dinosaur models are welcome to contact us for a quote.