Interactive Dinosaur Installations Used in Parks and Scenic Areas

What Are Interactive Dinosaur Installations?

Interactive dinosaur installations, crafted using animatronic dinosaur technology, are specially designed animated dinosaur models and props. In the industry of animatronic dinosaurs, they primarily pertain to the animated dinosaur models used for visitor interactions. One of the most notable interactive dinosaur props is the dinosaur costume.

The Abundance of Interactive Dinosaur Installations

The main reason for the variety of interactive dinosaur installations is due to the demands of the amusement industry. The animatronic dinosaur industry has been around for over a decade, and fresh, innovative ways of presenting dinosaur performances always make a significant impact. Additionally, interactive animatronic dinosaurs help improve visitor statistics, resulting in a dramatic increase in foot traffic.

dinosaur band

The Different Types of Interactive Dinosaur Installations

Aside from realistic dinosaur costumes, we produce a variety of interactive products:

Interactive Dinosaur Band: These installations humanize animatronic dinosaurs. Equipped with electric guitars, sunglasses, and metal-style T-shirts, these dinosaurs imitate human rock bands, providing a unique interactive experience often found at amusement parks or park entrances.

Adorable Dinosaur Puppets: Imagine your family strolling in the amusement park when a dinosaur fashion show grabs your attention. As you enjoy the show, an employee approaches with an adorable baby dinosaur puppet, instantly attracting your child’s attention. It’s an immediate must-visit attraction.

dinosaur puppet

Animatronic Dinosaur Rides: When you’re a bit tired, but the kids are still excited, these rides are perfect. It’s time to fulfill their dreams of becoming dinosaur riders.

Interactive Dinosaur Installations

Dinosaur-themed Vending Machines: Near these rides, you’ll find animated dinosaur drink vending machines. It’s a win-win situation; the kids enjoy their ride, you get some relaxation, and everyone gets a drink.

Dinosaur Eggshell for Photos: Further into the park, electronic dinosaur eggs offer a fun photo opportunity. It’s a perfect moment to capture and remember the journey.

Egg-laying Dinosaurs: As you prepare to leave the park, a dazzling souvenir shop near the exit gate catches the kids’ attention. You may find an animatronic dinosaur laying eggs. Inside these eggs? Dinosaur toys, an impressive yet affordable souvenir.

Stamping Dinosaurs: At the end of the visit, you encounter a stamping animatronic dinosaur. It leaves a mark on your ticket with messages like, “Thank you for visiting, hope to see you again” or “You are a dinosaur warrior.”

By now, you should have a clear idea of what kind of interactive dinosaur installation you’d like to create. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us.

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