How to Use Walking Dinosaur Costume

Walking dinosaur costumes have become a popular entertainment tool, often featured in various stage performances, theme parks, and amusement venues. To deliver an exceptional performance on stage, it’s essential to learn how to use walking dinosaur costume. The following are the steps.

Step One: Preparation Phase

The walking dinosaur costume is usually hung on a dedicated stand to prevent damage due to improper storage. Another person’s assistance is required during the wearing process.

Realistic Dinosaur Costume Hung on a Dedicated Stand

Step Two: Wearing Process

Unzip the zipper at the belly of the costume. The performer enters the interior through the unzipped area, placing both feet into the designated position inside the dinosaur feet.

The zipper at the belly of the realistic dinosaur costume

The performer lifts the steel frame structure inside the costume onto their shoulders and secures their waist with a safety belt.

The performer shoulders the realistic dinosaur costume.

The assistant helps to detach the costume from the hook and removes it from the stand.

The performer's appearance after putting on the costume

Step Three: Activating the Equipment

Turn on the controller switch to start the various devices within the costume, such as screens, cameras, ventilation systems, speakers, etc.

Turn on the controller switch

The performer can view the external surroundings in real-time through the screen.

Real-time video

Step Four: Motion Control

The performer uses both hands to operate handles to control various movements. The left hand controls blinking, while the right hand controls opening and closing the mouth. When the mouth opens, it automatically emits a roaring sound.

Control handles with both hands

Simultaneously swinging both hands in a particular direction controls the movement of the costume’s head towards that direction.

Other movements are left to the performer’s discretion. They can freely incorporate body sways, light running, or other actions based on the scene and narrative requirements.

The performer improvises

Step Five: Conclusion of the Performance

  1. Once the performance concludes, switch off the controller. Assistants help the performer unfasten the safety belt and remove the steel frame from the performer’s shoulders, allowing them to exit the walking dinosaur costume.
  2. Clean any residues from both the interior and exterior of the costume, ensuring it is thoroughly tidy. Hang the walking dinosaur costume back on its designated stand for storage, awaiting its next use.

To deliver the most perfect performance on stage, performers need to practice extensively and master various operational techniques. If you’re interested in the walking dinosaur costumes, please contact us for a quotation, or click on our product catalog to browse more options.