Where to Buy Animatronic Dinosaur

Where are the moving and roaring dinosaur models we see in the park produced?

According to statistics from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, approximately 85% of the world’s animatronic dinosaurs are produced in China. Zigong City in Sichuan province, with the world’s largest production base for animatronic dinosaurs, is where the vast majority of the models you see in the park are made.

These models are then transported globally through international trade. The production of animatronic dinosaurs has become a star industry in Zigong City, with a complete industrial chain from research and development, raw material supply to skilled technical workers. Therefore, purchasing animatronic dinosaurs from Zigong, China, is a very appropriate choice.

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Buy Animatronic Dinosaur Process

1. Find a Manufacturer:

Firstly, you can use search engines or trade platforms such as Google, Yahoo, or Alibaba to search for the keywords “animatronic dinosaurs.” This will help you discover numerous suppliers from Zigong City.

2. Inquiry and Selection:

After establishing contact with the dinosaur manufacturer or supplier, communicate your requirements, such as the type of dinosaur, size, movements, and any specific preferences. Combining their recommendations with your preferences, finalize the technical specifications of the dinosaur model. The manufacturer will provide you with a precise quotation, allowing you to decide on the purchase based on factors such as price and the scale of the manufacturer.

3. Shipping Cost and Customs Duties:

After selecting the dinosaur manufacturer, provide them with your delivery address to determine the nearest seaport. They will then provide you with an accurate shipping cost quotation (commonly using sea freight, with less frequent options of rail transport and air freight). During the quotation process, you can also request direct quotes based on international trade terms (FOB, CFR, and CIF). After confirming the shipping cost, communicate with your local customs department to obtain the latest information on import taxes. This is crucial as tariffs can vary, and some countries may have high tariffs due to trade disputes or other reasons with China. It’s essential to inquire about this in advance.

4. Production Process and Modifications:

Once the pricing and related matters are settled, the production process begins. The dinosaur manufacturer will send you a production confirmation sheet, confirming the appearance, size, movements, and other requirements of the dinosaur. Once an agreement is reached, production commences. Each step of this process, such as welding the steel frame, sculpting the form, creating skin textures, and painting the dinosaur skin, will be confirmed with you through pictures or videos. If there is any aspect you are not entirely satisfied with, modifications can be made before proceeding to the next step.

5. Factory Debugging and Product Confirmation:

After the production phase is complete, the dinosaur manufacturer conducts an uninterrupted testing period of approximately 48 hours. This step involves debugging various programs of the animatronic dinosaur, allowing the internal mechanical and motorized components to mesh properly. This ensures that the delivered product will not encounter malfunctions. The processes during this phase will be presented to you through pictures or videos for your confirmation. Once it fully aligns with your requirements, preparations for shipping will commence.

6. Product Packaging and Shipping:

The dinosaur model is fully wrapped using static film and bubble wrap to prevent scratches or damage to the skin during transportation. If necessary, wooden crates or aluminum cases may be used for added protection. Experienced packing workers will carefully place the animatronic dinosaurs into containers, ensuring proper placement to avoid collisions during transport. The containers are sealed with combination locks. Subsequently, they will be transported to the export sea ports in China, typically Shanghai or Shenzhen. Now, all that’s left is to wait for approximately 20-35 days for the safe arrival of your animatronic dinosaur models.

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