About The Production Timeline for Animatronic Dinosaurs

The production timeline for animatronic dinosaurs can vary greatly depending on the number and size of the dinosaurs being produced. In this article, we’ll use the example of creating five animatronic dinosaurs to provide a general idea of the time required for each step in the process. Keep in mind that the actual production time may vary.

Material Preparation: 1-2 days

Since most animatronic dinosaurs are custom-made for clients, our company needs to reorganize materials based on the specific requirements of each order. This process typically takes around 1-2 days.

Welding Mechanical Structure: 2-4 days

The first step in creating an animatronic dinosaur is constructing its internal steel frame. This crucial stage determines the dinosaur’s overall shape and proportions. Experienced welders use steel bars to create the frame and install drive motors in the appropriate locations to enable smooth, realistic dinosaur movements. This step usually takes 2-4 days to complete.

Sculpting Dinosaur Musculature: 2-3 days

Once the welded frame is complete, sculptors can begin carving the dinosaur’s muscular structure. They adhere large blocks of foam together and use specialized carving tools to shape the foam, referencing paleontological reconstructions or authoritative model dinosaurs as guides. This process generally takes 2-3 days to complete.

Creating Dinosaur Skin: 2-3 days

The finished animatronic dinosaur’s skin should have a lifelike texture and offer protection against water and tearing. To achieve this, artisans first adhere a layer of elastic fiber cloth to the dinosaur’s surface to enhance skin strength. Next, they dissolve silicone rubber in a solvent like gasoline and apply it evenly to the elastic fiber cloth, creating a waterproof barrier. This stage usually takes around 2-3 days.

Skin Painting: 1-2 days

Painting the dinosaur’s skin is a critical step that greatly impacts the overall appearance of the finished product. Artists use airbrushes to apply a layer of special paint to the dinosaur’s skin according to the client’s order requirements, creating unique patterns and coloration. This process typically takes 1-2 days.

In summary, the production timeline of animatronic dinosaurs can take a minimum of 8 working days and up to 14 working days. However, factors such as the number and size of dinosaurs, temperature, and order volume can all influence the production timeline.

Quality Control and Testing: 1-2 days

Before shipping the finished animatronic dinosaurs to the client, our team performs rigorous quality control checks and tests the movements and functionalities of the dinosaurs. This process ensures that the final product meets the highest standards and that the client will be satisfied with their order. This step takes approximately 1-2 days to complete.

So, if your dinosaur project has a tight deadline, it’s important to communicate with us ahead of time to ensure there’s enough time for the creation and testing of your animatronic dinosaurs.

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