Fun Electric Dinosaur Ride Vehicle for Kids




Electric Dinosaur Ride Vehicle


Length 1.8 meters, width 0.4 meters, height 0.8-1.3 meters

Startup method

Can be started by scanning a code or remote control. Once started, it comes with background music, and pressing the foot pedal switch or turning the throttle handle can initiate movement

Customization options

Customizable actions such as opening the mouth, shaking the head, and wagging the tail

Applicable scenes

Squares, malls, amusement parks, children's playgrounds, dinosaur parks, play areas with inflatable castles, etc

The children’s dinosaur ride vehicle is a brand new tool for entrepreneurial success in setting up stalls, with low costs and convenient transportation. It offers easy operation and management, supporting QR code scanning for payment activation, remote control activation, or coin-operated initiation. Children can ride on the back of the dinosaur, pedal or turn the throttle handle to enjoy the ride, accompanied by dynamic background music, playing the role of dinosaur knights. Wherever there are children, there will be endless business opportunities, and the dinosaur ride vehicle has become an indispensable attraction in squares and malls, drawing in crowds.