Battery Operated Ride on Dinosaur for Playground




Battery Operated Ride on Dinosaur for Playground


Length 1.8 meters, width 0.4 meters, height 0.8-1.3 meters

Customizable movements

Opening the mouth, shaking the head, wagging the tail, overall lighting effects, and underbelly spotlight effects

Customization options

Color, design, size, and movements

Applicable occasions

Children's playgrounds, mall atriums, stall setups in squares, parks, and scenic areas

The battery operated ride on dinosaur is a children’s amusement device designed and manufactured in accordance with the appearance of dinosaurs. It is typically suitable for open spaces such as squares, malls, scenic areas, or parks. Visitors can ride the dinosaur car by inserting coins or pressing the remote control start button, stepping on the foot pedal or turning the throttle handle. Accompanied by dynamic background music and a cool dinosaur appearance, children are usually irresistibly attracted to it. It serves as an excellent tool for entrepreneurial success in setting up stalls, and a combination of 4-6 dinosaur cars is often used for cost-effective returns.

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