High-Popularity Real Dinosaur Suit for Sale

Real dinosaur suit is a performance prop that can be used for both educational exhibitions and interactive activities, suitable for various venues and events. When worn by a performer, the real dinosaur suit is operated internally, allowing the performer’s hands to control movements such as opening and closing the mouth, nodding, wagging the tail, swaying the body, walking, and jumping. Compared to typical animatronic dinosaurs, it offers greater entertainment and interactivity.

This real dinosaur suit is designed based on the appearance of the velociraptor from the movie “Jurassic World,” featuring gray skin, blue lightning patterns, and an agile posture, faithfully reproducing the velociraptor from the film. The velociraptor costume is made of materials such as steel, transmission structures, high-density foam, fiber cloth, silicone, and paint. Our engineers use modern simulation techniques and technology based on dinosaur restoration or design drawings to create a dynamic and lifelike velociraptor.

The entire real dinosaur suit weighs around 20 kilograms, making it feel lightweight for the performer when worn. It is equipped with a 10-inch cooling fan and breathable vents on the outer skin to prevent the performer from feeling overheated. Additionally, there is a 7-inch monitor installed internally, allowing the performer to observe the surroundings clearly through a camera mounted on the dinosaur’s nose, making operation easier and more convenient.

The highlights of realistic dinosaur costumes include exquisite and lifelike appearance, flexible and versatile movements, easy and convenient operation, and wide range of applications. They serve not only to educate about dinosaurs and showcase their characteristics but also to engage and interact closely with the audience, attracting their attention.

An real dinosaur suit that serves both educational exhibitions and interactive activities, offering visual appeal, educational value, entertainment, and interactivity, is the best choice for commercial events. In addition to the raptor costume, we also offer styles such as tyrannosaurus rex, spinosaurus, carnotaurus, and can also customize a dinosaur costume exclusively for you.

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