Dinosaur Battery-Operated Kid Car for Amusement Park

As everyone knows, amusement parks, parks, and squares are places where children often gather. These places may have spacious areas, and if a few children’s Dinosaur Battery-Operated Kid Cars are placed there, the cute appearance and festive background music will be irresistible to children. Parents will also be happy to spend a little money to let their children have some fun. In this context, making money becomes much simpler.

dinosaur electric car in shopping mall

The Dinosaur Battery-Operated Kid Car produced by our company has the following features: customizable appearance, customizable size (1.6 meters to 2.2 meters long), customizable background music, definable single run time, customizable coin quantity, monitoring and recording of operation times, eyes with three-color romantic flashing, steering using 6 enclosed bearings, and a weight capacity of 150 kilograms, and more.

Features of Dinosaur Battery-Operated Kid Car

  • Drive Mode: Direct drive with rear-wheel brushless electric motor
  • Power Supply: Optional 12V20Ah or 12V32Ah TianNeng or SuperPower battery
  • Standard Configuration: Colorful blinking eyes, QR code startup, coin-operated startup, remote control startup, adjustable speed, startup count statistics, adjustable single run time, custom background music playback, etc.
  • Maximum Load Weight: Approximately 150 kg, allowing for an adult and a child to ride simultaneously
  • Other Features: 350W brushless motor drive, glowing eyes, LED windmill lights on both legs, can run continuously for over 6 hours on full charge, typically requires one charge per day, weight of 40 kg, 3-axis steering, 40mm PU wheels.

Our Dinosaur Battery-Operated Kid Cars all use a 350-watt brushless motor, powered by two 20A batteries, with a newly developed electrical module. The failure rate has decreased by ninety percent compared to the previous brushed motor, almost no after-sales service is required. For operators, no professional knowledge is needed. If a fault occurs, the fault point can be identified within five minutes. If it cannot be determined within five minutes, the module can be replaced directly. We send out a new one, upon receiving it, replacement can be done.

Using two 12V20Ah batteries to power the entire vehicle, it can work continuously for over 6 hours when fully charged, basically achieving daytime operation and nighttime charging. We also provide a 12 month warranty period, and after the warranty period, repairs are done at cost, ensuring worry-free profit for you.

REALDINOSAUR is one of the earliest manufacturers globally to start researching and designing Dinosaur Battery-Operated Kid Cars. Our Dinosaur Electric Cars feature a full steel frame, brushless motor, customizable background music, customizable time, customizable coin quantity, a non-resettable counter, eyes with three-color romantic flashing, customizable size, and more. The steering mechanism of our children’s dinosaur cars uses 6 dustproof bearings, making the steering flexible and reliable, without pulling the neck skin, effectively extending the lifespan of the children’s dinosaur car.

We always have stock inventory, such as Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Velociraptor, and more, with a default length of 1.9 meters, width of 0.55 meters, and height of 1 meter. The skin can also be equipped with colorful LED strips, and more.

For more details about the Dinosaur Electric Car products, please contact us.