Halloween Dragon Animatronic Models for Sale




Halloween Dragon Animatronic Model


Length: 2-30m, Height: 1-15m, We can customize any size to fit your venue requirements.


The model can perform head rotation, neck movement up and down, flapping wings, roaring with an open mouth, blinking eyes, smoke spraying, tail swinging, and waving claws.

Special Customization

We offer more customization options to meet your specific requirements. You can customize the base design, full-body lighting effects, roaring sound, and even incorporate your own logo to make the animatronic dragon uniquely yours.

The realistic Halloween Animatronic Dragon is perfect for Halloween gatherings and events. With its soft silicon skin and lifelike movements, it can perform various actions, including smoke or water spraying. Combined with the captivating full-body lighting effects, it will undoubtedly steal the spotlight at any Halloween celebration.

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