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Xinptisaurtis is quite a large rhalattosaur, discovered in China, in 2000. The two species of Xinpusaurus and one of Anshuusaums brings to three the total of thalattosaurs found in China to date. The limbs of this thalattosaur are clearly adapted as fins, rather than as the webbed feet that are more ususal among the thalattosaurs. This would have made this genus even more clumsy on land than its relatives. It has been placed within the Thalattosauridae family by scientists who have studied its fossils. walking dinosaur costume




Features The obvious distinguishing feature of Xinpusaurus is the snout. The long toothless upper jaw projects well beyond the lower, giving the appearance of a swordfish - a feature that it shares with the European Endennasaurus. The purpose of this is unclear, but it could have been used for probing in the sand and mud of the sea bed for prey. This could indicate that the different genera of thalattosaurs were adapted for different lifestyles in the shelf seas around Pangaea.

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