Why Choose Real Dinosaur

Focusing on the Design

  • Zigong Real Dinosaur Science and Technology Co., Ltd is a integrative factory of R&D,design,production and sales.
  • We have our own professional design team a professional designer Mr.Wang who graduate from a college of Design and ZC who have worked on this line over 10 years.
  • So we have provided many new designed products like animatronic dinosaurs, animatronic animals, dinosaur costume and various statues in this maket.
  • Many of them have become hot sale products. Welcome all friends suggestions and thoughts.
  • We will much appreciated and improve ourselves to offer our clients more wonderful products.

High Quality on The Accessories

  • Our products accessories including steel frame(or stainless steel frame),motors,gear reducer,bearing,sponge,silicone rubber,diluent and pigment.
  • For all these accessories we have a strict selection process.First,we choose these from professional company which must have corresponding certificates.
  • Second,we will test and check above 5 times before using.Finally we will choose the 100% safe accessories.
  • If any thing wrong during testing and checking even though a little problems we will change the new one.
  • All accessories must be high quality and safest.

Vivid Shaping

  • We have two experienced art designers Mr.Liu has been this line around 15 years and Mr.Zhang has been this line around 10 years.
  • Most animatronic dinosaurs and animatronic animals of Zigong are shaped by them.
  • Their design technique are skillful and craftsmanship are excellent.
  • They designed products are vivid and loved by masses of customers.

High Quality

The popular art products animatronic dinosaurs,animatronic animals,dinosaur costume and various statues are all handmade.

The quality reflect in every details:

  • Engines:we have to adopt 9 working procedure to deal with the engines in case anything wrong when using.
  • The debugging stage will last whole day long for checking problems.
  • Steel Frame:all steel frame are high quality and solid enough to bear strong people.
  • Sponge:we choose high quality sponge from professional company.
  • Skin:for simulation products(dinosaurs and animals) we will brush two layers silicon before fiber.
  • Then we will brush another two times silicon after fiber.All these work make products skin more soft and durable.
  • Color:three time foundation colors and then two surface colors are painted on products.
  • After the products finished we will retest the program and recheck the quality.

Rich Experience

  • We start our own factory in 2006.And before long ago we were mainly supply products for other factory domestic and abroad.
  • We have over 10 years experience on the production and sales of animatronic dinosaurs and animatronic animals.
  • Our factory director product manager had been started his career on this market 15 years ago.

High Efficiency

  • We are a dynamic,passionate and united team.We are always here to answer your questions and do u a favor to do the best of our team.
  • We are professional team.Any inquiry on animatronic dinosaurs and animals.Contact us please.
  • In our factory,the production are proceeded rigidly based on four step:faster,better,greater and more economical.
  • So that we not only have high quality advantage and also high efficiency.

High Efficient After Sales Service

  • We have different order trackers to provide service according to different clients after sales.
  • Ever clients’requirements and problems will earnestly and timely handled by our order tracker.
  • The value of our corporation is “pragmatic and integrity,united and diligent,professional and innovative,win-win and grateful”.
  • We sincerely look forward to provide better service for you.

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