Why big theropods did not evolve big brains

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It is probable that big brains require a constant flow of warm blood to work; Walking dinosaur costume otherwise important thoughts will disappear when the metabolic rate goes down. So the large brains of such “protobird” theropods as dromaeosaurs, troodonts, and ostrichmimics are widely accepted as evidence that they did have high matter. Aside from the empirical evidence that no living animal does so, there is hard evidence that they could not work. metabolic rates, at least at the tenrec level. Realistic dinosaur costume  The other small theropods had brains as big as that of Archoeopter5m, which we are confident was endothermic. On the other hand, the relatively small brains of other theropods are often considered to be the best evidence for lower metabolic rates.T But a careful examination of the issue shows that things are not as simple as they appear. Since endotherms have to gather ten times as much food as ectotherms, they are alleged to need bigger brains in order to cope with the intellectual strains of being so active. Dinosaur costume for sale This theory works fine for small animals. The problem is that big-bulk homeotherms and bulk endotherms are both supposed to have fairly constant body temperatures too. This constancy is supposed to make them active, like big endotherms. The bulk endotherms aie also projected to eat about as much as big endothermic homeotherms. If, therefore, dinosaurs were bulk endotherms or bulk homeotherms, then the small ones should have small brains and the bigger, more active ones big brains. However, exactly the opposite is true! This means that all the modern theories of big-animal metabolics fail to explain the small brains of large theropods. This indicates that high activity does not require great intellect after all. The real question is why big theropods did not evolve big brains when their possible physiologies show they could have.