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Known from two almost complete skeletons Westlothiana was found in early Carboniferous oil shale deposits near dinburgh, in Scotland. It was a land-living nimal that scampered through the undergrowth around a tropical freshwater lake, along with huge terrestrial invertebrates such as scorpions and millipedes that were larger in size than it was. Perhaps forest fires drove these animals into the lake where they drowned and fossilized. Westlothiana was at first hailed as the earliest reptile, hut later researchers arc not so sure. Dinosaur costume for sale


Features:The original classification of Westlothiana as a reptile is based on the skull, the humerus and the vertebrae. However, there is not enough information to fit it into any known reptile group. It is now regarded as an amniote but something more primitive than any reptile. There are heavy lizard-like scales all round the body. The arrangement of bones in the wrist, the primitive articulation of the back¬bones and the structure of the roof of the mouth are like those of an amphibian or an early amphibian-like vertebrate. In appearance and lifestyle Westlothiana must have looked very much like a modernlizard.  life size dinosaur
Belova: When first found by professional fossil hunter Stan Wood, this creature was nicknamed “Lizzy the Lizard”. This eventually found its way into the species name as Westlothiana izziae.

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