Western Scientists Return to Gobi

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Western Scientists Return to Gobi

In 1985, Dr. Paul Sereno. a graduate student during his time at the Colombia University and the American Museum of Natural History, animatronic dinosaur for sale was the first westerner who bravely followed the Andrews’ route from Beijing through Ulaan Bataar to reach the fossil holy land of the Flaming Cliffs, a half-century after Andrew ’ s team left the Gobi.


After the “Cold War” , the USSR was disassembled, and Mongolia was no longer under its tight control.At the same time China has begun to open to the world. Many cultural and scientific exchanges between East and West wei’e carried out. Young western paleontologists were very eager to understand geology and explore rich fossil sites of Central Asia. Meanwhile, the eastern scholars were very anxious to learn more about research data accumulated over the years. In 1985, I organized my very first joint dinosaur expedition at Lufeng Basin in cooperation with S.Chatterjee of the Texas Technology University. In the same year, I also hosted P. Sereno in Beijing and helped him to get to Ulaan Bataar.


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