Walter Granger is the core of the delegation of dinosaurs.

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Walter Granger, an experienced vertebrate paleontologist in those days, became a member of the Third Asiatic Expedition. He pointed out that American vertebrate paleontologists are interested in the fossil fauna of Eastern and Central Asia for two reasons: “First, there are those forms which throughout their line of descent have remained purely Asiatic; second, there is an even greater interest in tracing out the relationship between such groups of animals as are common to both Asia and America” .


In the morning of April 21, 1922, a team of 40 men, 5 motor vehicles ( three Sturdy Dodge motorcars and two Fulton trucks ) , and 75 camels left the base at Zhangjiakou ( Kalgan in Mongolia ) and began their “conquest” of the Mongolian Gobi Desert.


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