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Walking with western dragon robotic dinosaur costume


Through two days conversation, the client and our company successfully agreed on the order, lowest price with shortest production time, we only take 5 days to finish one new dragon costume, which being test to be as good as normal ones, even better, this is required to deliver by air, so we shorten the packing sizes to save up the costs, besides, we give one of the animatronic hand puppets as giving, which will be valid in the whole September.


dragon costume [1]


This dragon model is based on the previous costume model of RDC-05902, which is originally designed and provided for another France clients, and now it is on the way to somewhere else, that means we get two dragon costumes in France, can not wait for the moment the two dragons is encountering at the corner of the street.


dragon costume (2)_副本[1]


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