Dinosaur Costume

The dinosaur costumes, i am now describing more information on the dinosaur suit,

Dinosaur Costume

Namely the details on the dinosaur costumes:

  1. The interaction dinosaur is manufactured according to BBC walking with dinosaur
  2. Custom costumes,Could see and breath from the outside ventilation holes
  3. Customized sizes, colors, different kinds of dinosaur types synchronized with diverse howling sounds
  4. Inner mechanics(high quality steel frame which special light stainless steel structure design)
  5. Surface materials(High density sponge, silicon rubber and pigments)
  6. Guarantee non-human damage for forever ,but 2 years for important spare parts
  7. We supply free spare parts with each dinosaur costume
  8. One camera in the front of the nose, two fans inside for cooling, silicon rubber teeth
  9. Best quality with reasonable price, and more discount with more ordering quantity

Take an example of the dinosaur costumes for one Turkey client, it is a group of two dinosaurs, one T-Rex and Raptor, both of them are with realistic appearance and flexible movements, it is easy control & operate, all our dinosaurs are approved with CE certificate, and we are a BV certified factory.

The professional actor will wear the dinosaur costume for performing!

They can go anywhere and do any movement like an alive animal! You can touch the dinosaurs, embrace the dinosaur just like your pet, and you can store them at home.

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