walking Raptor costume

If you are going to hold an adult game with the upgraded dinosaurs, you may just know that the walking dinosaur costumes, which are now most popular all over the world, especially the foreign markets, but you may forget one another new upgraded dinosaur type, that is the walking animatronic dinosaurs, now more and more businessmen would like to use the walking animatronic dinosaurs for their stage shows, because those dinosaurs are remote controlled by person far away.

One client adopted this way to have both the walking raptor costume and the walking animatronic dinosaur, and make them fighting like the real dinosaurs scene.

The same feature is that both the walking raptor costume and the walking animatronic dinosaur are controlled by persons, but the control way is completely different, the walking dinosaur costume needs one person to get inside, then control the dinosaur by controlling the lever, like the eyes blinking and neck twisting, on the other hand, the walking animatronic dinosaur will be provided with one remote control, can be put far away from 50m, no audience can see the dinosaur is controlled by person, at the same time, the walking animatronic dinosaur needs one person to get in the base, like driving the car to move the dinosaur from one side to another side.

Above all, both walking dinosaur costume and the walking animatronic dinosaur are perfect for stage show or any shows, among which the walking animatronic dinosaur can be manufactured from several meters to dozens of meters.

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