Normally, to make the walking movements of electric walking dinosaur rides, the dinosaur needs four legs to support, in this case, the manufacturers can control the balance very well, the most representative kind of dinosaur is the Triceratops, and other similar close relatives; and just as the name implies, electric walking dinosaur is powered by motor, or electricity in another word.

when speak of the walking movement of the electric walking dinosaur, it needs to rely on the storage battery(just like the battery as the bicycle) to be the power supply.

Triceratops is a medium-sized, four-legged dinosaur, length of about 7.9 to 10 meters, 2.9 to 3 meters in height from the hip, weighing 6.1 to 12 tons. They have a very large head shield and three horns, reminiscent of modern rhinoceros. Although there is no complete skeletons discovered Triceratops, they are reknowned due to a large number of specimens discovery from 1887.

Walking dinosaur rides in factory testing

For a long time, the usage about their corner and head shield three functions are in the debate. Traditionally, these structures are considered a weapon used against predators, but now the theory that these structures may be used in courtship, and to show dominance, as modern reindeer, goats, horn rhinoceros beetle.

By the way, the electric walking dinosaur is always manufactured to support kids to ride on, then the kids can control the electric walking dinosaur by riding on it, the control methods are including: bridle, wheel and joystick.

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