Welcome To Visit Animatronic Dinosaur Factory

We are the source of global animatronic model customization manufacturers,

Specilizes in customizing the production of animatronic dinosaurs, animals, prehistoric giant beasts, fantasy creatures, insect, research related products and other customized products.

Production workshop about 6000 square meters, has a complete producing chain.

It is equipped with mechanical drive, electrical debugging departments, art team, skin graft group, painting group, the inspector and the factory-leaving inspection.

We have more than 60 staffs, average age below 35 years old, have a rigorous attitude, is a dynamic and imaginative young team.

Understand The Process Of Animatronic Dinosaurs

Mechanical transmission department is welding the steel structure skeleton and installing the transmission mechanism according to the CAD.

Electrical engineers are conducting electrical wiring and aging tests on animatronic dinosaur products to ensure reliable operation before entering the next step.

Sculpture artists are strictly in accordance with the design ideas of the drawings for the shape of the product sculpture.

This link will be repeatedly confirmed with the customer, until the customer is satisfied.

Skin Grafting Process.

Use the tools in their hands to make the skin of the dinosaur inch by inch. This process is very patient, so it is usually done by female staffs.

Packaging Process Before Delivery.

The products are first wrapped with electrostatic film, and then covered with bubble film, so that it can not only prevent dust and water, but also prevent damage caused by collision.

Loading And Shipping.

Foreign orders contribute a high proportion to the output value of our company.

The quality is not only reflects the management attitude, but also represents the image of Made in China, which can not be careless as domestic products.

We Fully Understand Your Requirements For Product Details And Quality.

You are welcome to visit our animatronic dinosaur factory at any time, seeing is believing.

In addition, you can also learn how to transport, how to install the animatronic dinosaur, the purchase process etc.