Velocirapor mongoliensis was described in 1924

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Osborn was very pleased by excellent work done by Andrews. The discoveries made by his team raised

American public interest and provided additional financial support. A large number of fossil skeletons, particularly well-preserved skulls of the small horned dinosaur Protoceratops andrewsi were collected here. Remains of small theropods including Velocirapor mongoliensis , Oviraptor philoceigtops , and Saurornilhoides mongoliensis, as well as ankylosaur Pinacosaurus grangeri were unearthed.Osborn, who studied dinosaur remains found at the Flaming Cliffs, described three of new species of dinosaurs mentioned above:


1 .Velocirapor mongoliensis was described in 1924. The generic name Velociraptor means speedy raider. It was indeed an active, middle-size theropod, As a member of the maniraptoran family Dromaoesauridae, Velociraptor has a very close relationship with birds.This predator had a long, low skull with a narrow snout, longarms with graspy hands, and legs adapted for fast running.Bones of Velociraptor were usually preserved with abundant remains of Protoceratops in the same beds.


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