Tyrannosaurus-Rex Costume

It is been a several days from the time i shared the dinosaur costumes, because i was working overtime to finsih one another dinosaur costume order, the client is from United States, and we have to talk and negotiate more specially, to guarantee the high quality, the Tyrannosaurus-rex costume is prepared for a party, so we are willing to provide one super high quality to make the client to be crowed under the spotlight in the party.

Tyrannosaurus-Rex costume in our factory

The effect is surpassing all of our imagination, you can see the scene yourself, one worker is making the direction by holding the dinosaur chain, and the dinosaur is struggling to get away from the people, the dinosaur suit just like to be real and alive, the simulated BBC dinosaur wants to be free, it is howling by opening the month with sounds now and then.

The dinosaur is still struggling and fighting with the guard, the walking dinosaur crouches and making big movements, but it can not get rid of the collar on the neck, just like walking the dog, then we walk back with the dinosaur, because it is in the hot weather, the controller can only be cooled with the fans inside.
Finally, the dinosaur costume is packed into the air crate, it needs to rest for a while, days later the Tyrannosaurus-rex costume will wake up, and own its new holder, what is more, it will be a person with different skin and complexion, and now it is on the way to be delivered to the client in Tampa.

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