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two other feathered theropods were collected

In the summer of 1998, two other feathered theropods were collected from the Sihetun quarry. life-like animatronic dinosaur for sale Anearly complete skeleton belongs to a small feathered dromaeosaurid, named as Sinornithosaurus millenii Xu et al. 1999. The other fossil represent the first feathered therizinosauroid dinosaurs, Beipiaosaurus inexpectus. We suggested that the original function of feathers in small theropods was probably insulation.


Numerous specimens of fossil birds(e.g.Confuciusornis) were collected from the same beds as the feathered dinosaurs described above. REALISTIC walking dinosaur costume The fossil birds show a mixture of primitive ( dinosaur ) features combined with some characters of modern birds. Previously, some researchers suggested that some Liaoning fossil birds are of a Late Jurassic age ( 145 Ma ) , as is the case of Archaeopteryx. Contrary to this opinion, we suggested that they lived in the Early Cretaceous, since Confuciusomis shows a number of more advanced characters than those in Archaeopteryx.

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