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This is one of those animals that is difficult to classify. In some respects, particularly the strange tooth structure, Trilophosaurus is similar to the rhynchosaurs but is much more primitive. Judging by the number of individuals found in desert flood deposits in Texas, USA, this is where it was thought to have lived´╝îalthough some scientists regarded it as being a tree-climber. animatronic dinosaur




Features: As in the rhynchosaurs. the jaws of Trilophosaurus are articulated so that they work in a simple up and down action. There are no teeth at the front but those at the back have very broad surfaces. The snout is very narrow and it appears to have carried a beak. The eyes are high up on the small head. The legs, with their long lizard-like toes show it to have been a four-footedanimal. The tail is long and heavy.

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